The Wright Nanny Agency offers four core child care services:






We define a babysitter as a carer who supervises children during the evening. We believe that continuity is important and so seek to establish ongoing relationships between our babysitters and the families we match them with whenever possible. We will provide you with full details of the qualifications and experience of your babysitter at the time of booking.

Nanny (short- or long-term positions)

Nannies are available for short- or long-term bookings. Our nannies are selected for their professional ability to care for your children. Our nannies will ensure your children's safety and involve them in creative play with one-to-one interaction.

The nanny's focus is on the complete care of your children.

Light domestic duties may be negotiated and included in the nanny's duties as long as they do not conflict with their primary responsibility of caring for your children.

Solecharge staff

A solecharge carer is an experienced nanny who lives in and takes responsibility for children in the absence of their parents, for example whilst the parents are away on holiday, business travel etc. A solecharge carer acts as a 'proxy parent' in this situation and ensures that the day-to-day routine of the child is followed, ensuring their safety and well being.

Mothers Help

A mothers helper assists a stay at home parent in the care of their children whilst under the parents supervision. The helper may also be responsible for other household duties such as meal preparation, running of errands and some light housework. Although the parent is usually present it is not unusual for the carer to be left in sole charge for short periods of time.

Typically a mothers helper is a young nanny wanting to develop their experiences in the field of child care.

For information on fees visit the Rates and Charges page on this site. If you wish to discuss the rates and charges further please contact one of our friendly staff at the office.