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Welcome Professional Carer to The Wright Nanny Agency.The Wright Nanny Agency has been a trusted supplier of Nanny and Babysitter professionals to Sydney families since 1995. Register today to become one of our child care professionals and join the thousands of others who have found countless work opportunities through the Agency. Being accepted as part of The Wright Nanny Agency Carer team may not be as easy as some of our competitors, we do maintain very high standards and ask a lot, but you will receive a great deal in return!

Our service strives to place the 'Wright' nanny with their ideal family. To be successful in registering with our agency as a nanny or babysitter there are some essential selection criteria that we require you must meet.

As a candidate with The Wright Nanny Agency, you will be screened thoroughly. The friendly staff at The Wright Nanny Agency will guide you through each step of the family matching process, and will continue to stay in touch with you after the interview process, job application and placement has been completed to ensure a harmoneous nanny / family relationship exists.

The Wright Nanny Agency is happy to assist you during normal business hours. Contact the office by calling (02) 9519 2928 or by using the contact us page of this website.