Employer Obligations

As an employer you must adhear to the following guidelines.

  •  Pay correct wages

  •  Reimburse your employee for work-related expenses

  •  Ensure a safe working environment

  •  Not act in a way that damages the trust and confidence necessary for an employment relationship

  •  Forward PAYE tax instalments to the Australian Tax Office

  •  Make appropriate payment under the Superannuation Guarantee legislation


Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding is a legal requirement to withhold amounts for income tax purposes. You are required to withhold tax from payments you make to your employee. As a new employer, you must register with the Australian Tax Office prior to withholding any payments to employees. The Ato requires that you send all withheld amounts to the tax office.


You are required to take out a Workers Compensation insurance policy if you are employing someone in your home environment. For more information and a list of policy providers visit the Work Cover website: http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/Employers/LegalResponsibility/Pages/default.aspx


As an employer you are required to make superannuation guarentee contributions on behlaf of your eligbile employee at least once each quarter. This is done by calculating 9% of the earnings base if your nanny works 30 hours or more in one week.

Superannuation Contributions are due by: 28 October, 28 January, 28 April and 28 July each year.

For further assistance with employer guidlines, conditions of employment or current industry legislation requirements please contact the friendly staff at The Wright Nanny on (02) 9519 2928 or submit an online enquiry.